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I shall go.

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this show is a gift

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Made this for my boyfriend


Made this for my boyfriend

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if you’re a s t r o n g f e m a l e you don’t need permission

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I love and seriously respect that Idina realizes that she’s tweeting to young, impressionable girls that really will believe her when she tells them they are beautiful!

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naming my future child journey blue

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Why Into The Dalek Was Proper Doctor Who


  • Passed the Bechdel test with flying colours.
  • Challenged gender roles: Journey is a soldier, fierce, ruthless, career orientated, ready to get the job done; Danny Pink, although framed as a ‘ladies’ man’ is painfully shy when interacting with Clara, cries over a remembered death, finds the expected traditional make gender role of ‘ladykiller’ uncomfortable and difficult to deal with.
  • Let’s be honest Danny Pink is the most interesting, relatable, likeable, and realistic male character since Moffat took the helm of Doctor Who. 
  • Clara Oswald is a bloody good teacher.
  • Clara Oswald is a career woman. 
  • Clara Oswald reads The Guardian. 
  • Gretchen Alison Carlisle. 
  • Journey was possibly lesbian or bi or pan. Simple easy normalising representation. The type I enjoy. 
  • The Doctor does not like guns. He does not like soldiers. He does not like the military…
  • But he’s also portrayed as a hypocrite, and his words and sentiments are questioned by Clara. 
  • Complex exploration of the Doctor’s moral core while keeping him both empathetic, unpredictable, and shockingly (at times) alien.
  • The most amazing slow motion sequences and CGI. 
  • A return to the story arc of this series. 
  • Complex exploration of hatred, vengeance, mercy, empathy, and hope. 
  • The interior of a Dalek. Need I say more?
  • We are inspired to show compassion for the monster/villain of the entire show and to hope that somewhere inside it is the capacity for growth and change. If that’s not the message of Doctor Who, then I don’t know what is.)

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Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles ripped from vinyl

"All the lonely people
Where do they all come from?”

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this is the only good one


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You Aren’t Boring I Just Suck At Conversations I’m Sorry: a novel by me

I’m Not Ignoring You I Just Don’t Know What To Say: a sequel by me

I Feel Like I have Nothing Interesting To Say So I Don’t Say Anything At All And I’m Really Sorry Don’t Stop Talking To Me: the trilogy.

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Better to be hated,

Than loved, loved, loved for what you’re not

I Am Not a Robot (2010) was written as an introspective song, Diamandis describing it as “singing to [her]self.” Her decision to release it as a single was based on the observation that many other listeners found the song’s lyrics relatable and easy to connect with, “regardless of gender or age.”

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Happy 23rd Birthday Evanna Lynch! (07.16.1991)

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Chvrches and Haim are two female singing acts that both got their big breaks in 2014 and now we get to see them both in this great mash up. They’re both two different styles in terms of singing but with If I Could Change Your Mind the upbeat backing music works extremely well with the lead singer of Chvrches quirky singing voice - Jakk

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